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Tom with sammy? Almost.... - Please847 - 08-24-2014

See Sammy Hagar's comments about Tom towards the bottom....

RE: Tom with sammy? Almost.... - rmartinez - 08-24-2014

Well, if this was around 1984, Tom may have had an 18 string bass, or a 12 string bass, but not likely an 8 string bass.

And riffing with Neal Schon??? If Tom can riff with Rick Nielsen, he can riff with Neal Schon.

Though, I do see how a multi-course 12 or 18 string bass can be more difficult.

RE: Tom with sammy? Almost.... - Grillman - 08-25-2014

That was a interesting article!

RE: Tom with sammy? Almost.... - Hamerica - 09-09-2014

Cool article.

The first bass Hamer U.S.A. made for Tom was a 10 string bass. Tom has played some 8 string basses however more than likely it was the 12 string bass which Sammy is referring too.
There is no doubt that Tom would have made HSAS a different sounding band all together.


RE: Tom with sammy? Almost.... - jcbrown - 09-11-2014

Great article. I love that album and it took me forever to find in on cd. I'd love to have the dvd. Personally, I think Tom would have been aw3esome, especially on Whiter Shade of Pale. But Kenny sounds good on it, too.

RE: Tom with sammy? Almost.... - Paul Calypso - 09-12-2014

Cool article.

But I don't think Eddie telling Neal Schon in 1983 that he'd never heard of Sammy Hagar is accurate.

Eddie and Van Halen loved the first Montrose album and kind of modeled themselves after that album.
Ted Templeton also produced the Montrose album.  They even covered Montrose in the early days.

I'm sure Tom was playing a 12 string bass.

RE: Tom with sammy? Almost.... - 12stringbassist - 09-16-2014

He owned an Alembic 8 at the time and may just have taken that along for a try out with them.

It would certainly be far more easily playable than a 12er in my own experience. Far more suitable for auditioning on, as they genmerally have a faster action and are easier to riff on. 12ers are not made for **ultra fast** riffing, though it is amazing what you can play on one when you build up the finger strength. I'd never use my 12ers at an audition.

I note the arrival of Dagmar again... Tom wanted her in the band? Mmmm. Spinal Tap.

RE: Tom with sammy? Almost.... - I'll Go to London NY or H'wd - 10-09-2017

I'm not sure that this band would have really been Tom's thing, either. When he put out the Strange Language album, there was a part of him that really was embracing new music and putting some distance between himself and Cheap Trick. The HSAS project has some terrific stuff, but it's also kind of a butt rock band.

RE: Tom with sammy? Almost.... - DaveGT - 10-11-2017

Wanted Dagmar to sing?

made me think about his next girlfriend Janna that sang in SMOE with Tom & Comita
What a great girl
Hung out with her & Tom a lot in NYC

RE: Tom with sammy? Almost.... - curiouser - 10-20-2017

HSAS is crap.