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RE: Last time you heard ct on the radio - Too long? - Man in Black - 11-05-2004

Too long for me!!, I never heard the new album on the air..
Never heard Say Goodbye off CT97.
Last time I heard a new song was WOKE UP,10 freaking years ago!!
I catch the 70s stuff once in a blue moon, but thats it...

- Ain't that a shame - 11-05-2004

Just yesterday I heard IWY2WM on the radio!

- Man in Black - 11-05-2004

Well at least its something!! I still try to keep the faith..

- stan and jolene - 11-05-2004

last "new" stuff i heard was WOWAM when it was you said the 70's music on occasion

- Chip Trick - 11-05-2004

I was at our friendly grocery store last night and my 5 year old notices Surrender on in the store. Not quite on the radio, but was cool that my 5 year old cought it.

- PeterssonChick - 11-05-2004

On 96 Rock in Atlanta Sunday I heard Dream Police and Surrender within two hours. XM plays them quite a bit. I heard Voices on The Boneyard, Ain't That A Shame on Top Tracks, and IWYTWM on The 70's in one day.

When Special One first came out, I heard My Obsession on XM a couple of times. XM is the way to go if you want to hear decent music on the radio :blues:

- NDMuse - 11-06-2004

It seems like never. We have a new station in town though, that says they play anything, so I've been requesting CT like crazy. I don't really listen to mainstream radio much these days, mostly unsigned music, but I'd like to know that Cheap Trick was still being played on radio everywhere. I can't think of any band that deserves it more. Cool

- Candy - 11-06-2004

The only time I hear them is on Alice Cooper Nights here. He loves them! (70's stuff)

I used to hear The Flame quite a bit on the "lite" station at work, but I think they played it so much, they wore it out. LOL

- Mandycello - 11-06-2004

We're pretty lucky in the D/FW area having a station that plays CT pretty frequently. The station is called 93.3 The Bone. Not only do they play the big 3 on a regular basis, they also have "Stop This Game", "Big Eyes", "She's Tight", "Hello There", "IYWML", and "Gonna Raise Hell" in the library. It makes me smile to hear any of those songs hoping other people are hearing them and loving them too.

- pick - 11-06-2004

Stations in BC (Canada) play them a LOT, usually from Lap of Luxury, and earlier. I have heard Can't Sop Falling into Love, Say Goodbye, WUWAM, and Scent though...only 2 or 3 time each unfortunately...

- beatpoet - 11-06-2004

Heard IWY2WM on 100.3 JACK FM in Dallas this afternoon-- it's not much, but at least it's something!

- Zanfan - 11-07-2004

I'm one of those who is "hearing them and loving them" during my drive home, Mandycello! Big Grin

For those in DFW, 93.3 does play CT quite often. Just in case, I have my CD player full of CT, but I'm always glad when they get some radio time. Just wish stations would play their NEW music!

- Miranda - 11-07-2004

We've got two classic rock stations here in Fort Wayne. Those are the only two stations that play CT. On one of them I heard IWYTWM (live) about six weeks ago. On the other I've heard the studio version of Surrender about three times a week for the last three weeks, which is a vast improvement since this station didn't play ANY Trick until three weeks ago. I still called the second station's listener input line to tell them to play more Trick and to thank them for at least putting one song in rotation finally.

- whoucisme - 11-07-2004

Caught "IWYTWM" (live) on a local oldies rock station yesterday!

Sweet!Big Grin

- C.T. Fan Since 1977 - 11-07-2004

I Hardly ever hear ct on the radio except IWYTWM and Surrender. They have so much good music it's a shame that radio ignores much of it.