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American Pickers Airs 3/11 - Darran - 02-14-2013

Cheap Trick Guitarist Rick Nielsen's RICK'S PICKS Exhibition Set for History's AMERICAN PICKERS, 3/11. Tongue

RE: American Pickers Airs 3/11 - Schlichtl - 02-14-2013

Thank you, Darran...was just going to post this. Rick's Picks FB page made the announcement this morning. Smile

RE: American Pickers Airs 3/11 - Schlichtl - 10-08-2017

A snippet from the original airing is now on a new American Pickers, Title: Picks of the Rich & Famous".  Rick's part is the last 8 minutes of this show. I watched it 10/4 but it airs again  Monday, Oct 7 3 a.m. and probably several times again.  Damn his hoarding...holy cats. I wonder who purchased the tour cases? Smile