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Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
04-06-2016, 11:13 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-06-2016, 12:03 PM by DaveGT.)
Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
Listening now.
They are coming across great.
Told a funny story about Michael Jackson and covering Magical Mystery Tour.
But Robin's voice is shot.
They did If You Want My Love and Robin was way off. He said before the song to expect a different version.

The rundown:
Cheap Trick Performs Live. 04/06/16. 9:10am
After the break they played a prank call Sal pulled on Tan Mom by putting her on the phone with random guys named Sal. They also played Sour Shoes singing the National Anthem as Gary, Scott Ferrall, Artie and Mad Dog Russo. They also played a prank call fake Hillary Clinton made to a sky writing company. They played a song parody about JD. They also played David Bowie's ''Ziggy Stardust'' as they were coming back.

Howard came back and said that Cheap Trick is there. They were warming up so they took over for the David Bowie song for about a second. Howard asked if they knew Bowie. They said they met him a few times. They said they ended up holding his hand and he had no idea. Howard said David was something else.

Howard asked when you write songs for a living you admire people like that and The Beatles. The guys said they used to cover Bowie songs when they were starting out. Howard said they covered Magical Mystery Tour too. He played some of that cover. Howard said he plays it all the time.

Howard said the guys love the Beatles so much and they honor them by covering songs like that. Howard said they also have some lyrics that are Beatles-esque. Rick said they had to practice some stuff this morning that they asked them to include in the song they're playing this morning. Rick Nielsen said he wrote the song and but he forgot how it goes. Howard said even as great as they are they have to go over it. Howard said it's possible to forget these songs. Rick said when you've written a thousand you can forget some of it. Rick said he has to go and learn some stuff sometimes when they perform them. He said when he stared writing songs he stopped doing some of that stuff.

Robin said Michael Jackson bought ''If You Want My Love'' from them and he was going to sue them if they put it out. Rick said they put it out anyway. Howard said it's one of his favorites that they do. They said they're going to do it in a different style today. Howard said he likes when they put a different slant on a song like that.

Howard asked if there's a story behind that song. He asked what was going on at the time. Rick said he writes love songs sometimes. He said they do some love songs at times. Rick said it's okay to be romantic. Howard asked if he ever plays this for his wife in bed. Rick said that's the only way to get her aroused.

Howard had the guys perform ''If You Want My Love'' for them. They went right into the song. After the song Howard asked if it's still fun to do this. The guys said it is. Howard said he has to learn to play. Rick said he's teach him. Howard said Rick's son is playing drums in the band now. Rick said Bun E. just had to leave.

Howard said that he has to congratulate them on getting into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Howard said he's so happy for them. Howard said he'd love to see them perform there but he can't go. Howard said people say it doesn't really matter but it does. Robin and Rick said it does matter. Robin said the other bands being inducted are even older than they are. They mentioned some of the bands and said it's pretty cool stuff. Howard said it should be a cool show. Howard said he imagines they worked out with Bun E. Carlos something. Howard asked if they're going to reunite on stage. They are and they hope that he'll remember the songs. Howard said they must rehearse. The guys said they won't. They'll probably do their big 3 at the hall of fame. He said they have to do what they're asked to do.

Howard asked if they'll talk to Bun E. before the show. Rick said they will. Daxx said he understands that and he has no problem with it. Howard said it's a lovely thing that Rick had his son join the band. Howard said most fathers would tell them to go do their own thing. Howard asked if it was weird to have his son come in like that. Rick said Daxx came in and covered for Bun E. when he had a back operation. He said that he has played with other bands too so he had the experience. Rick said they saw him grow up from a baby too. Howard said that can be weird. Robin said Rick said he's very talented and he's right about that.

Howard asked if Daxx was able to contribute and put his own twist on things. Daxx said they did. He said he was there the whole time when they were working on the new album.

Rick said he had to make sure the rest of the band was cool with it before he asked. Howard asked if he would rather have his son there or Bun E. Robin said they wouldn't let them do it the way they want. Rick said they wanted Howard to induct them but they wouldn't have that either. Howard said those sons of bitches...

Howard said he'd be too nervous to induct them. Howard said he would feel he wouldn't do their legacy honor enough. Howard said he's not sure he'd have the right words. They said Kid Rock will have to come up with something now.

Howard asked if they have admired anyone and become friends with them. Rick said everybody knows them and unless they're touring with them they might not see them.

Rick said that they've had other guys drum for them like Dave Grohl and Chad from Red Hot Chili Peppers. He said that Chad had to go off to Europe to do his thing. He said they knew that they weren't going to be full time. Howard asked Daxx what it's like when he's in the band with his dad. He asked if he calls him dad or Rick. Daxx said he calls him Rick. He said the Dad thing ended about 6 years ago.

Howard asked if Rick is a good dad. Daxx said he is a great guy. He said he did the right thing for the family when he let his mom take over. Rick said that they had a lot of musicians at the house when Daxx was growing up. He mentioned Kiss and Hall & Oates among others. They talked about Gene Simmons and how great he was at finding good bands. He gave Van Halen 5 grand to record their first album.

Howard said that what's crazy about their career is that they did that Cheap Trick At Budokan album it sounded like they were huge. Howard said that they treated them like god over there. Robin said he still doesn't get royalties from that ''I Want You to Want Me'' statement. Rick said someone put that song in a movie. He said oh yeah, that was Howard. Howard asked if they almost didn't put that song on the playlist. Robin said it was 5 minutes before they played that they put it in. Rick said that it was the studio version that was the hit over there. They didn't even think of it. Someone else suggested that they play it. Howard played some of that song. They started to play live during the song and then kind of tapered off when Howard stopped the song.

Howard said that the guys worked with George Martin who worked with the Beatles. Rick said he came out to Wisconsin to work with them when there was like 6 feet of snow on the ground. Rick said he was great to work with. They talked about how George worked and how he'd take the songs to London and add stuff to songs. Rick said they had them do some weird stuff too. Rick said he wrote a note for George to read on the album and he did that for them. He said it was a little awkward for him to do it but he did it. He said it was an honor to have him do that.

Howard asked if George Martin talked about the Beatles at all. Rick said they never asked but he did talk about it a little bit.

Howard said learning of his death must have been hard. Rick said it was horrible. He said about 5 years before that he got his original charts for Sgt. Peppers. He said he went to his house and had dinner with him and his wife. Rick said they were doing the 40 year anniversary at the Hollywood Bowl and he got the charts. Rick said he went to take a piss in his bathroom and the Cheap Trick gold album was hanging above the toilet.

Howard asked about doing with John Lennon. Rick said that he was working with him the day Daxx was born. He said that was just another day he wasn't here for his son. He said his wife gave him a hall pass for that. Howard said that Rick didn't want to LOOK, I'M SWEARING! it up. Rick said they did smoke cigars to celebrate. He said he wasn't there in the hospital but he did celebrate. Howard said he was with John Lennon. Rick said if it was Paul McCartney asking he would have been in the hospital. He said no offense of course. Robin said Paul is going to be at the Hall of Fame.

Rick played some of what he was playing for John Lennon. Rick said John told him that he wishes he had him to play for him because Clapton had locked up. Howard said John gave him what he wanted to play but it must not have sounded like that. Rick played what John was playing and how he changed it up to give it a different feel. Howard said he has heard their recording of that song.

Howard asked what happened when he first saw John Lennon. He asked what he said. Rick said John looked at him and said ''Oh, it's you!'' He said they talked guitars and they were going to go guitar shopping because John had a shitty guitar. He said he gave him one of the guitars he was playing. He said he said he'd pick it up later and got it back 3 years later from Yoko. He said he gets a Christmas card from her every year. He said she may not even know it's him.

Howard asked why John had a shitty guitar. Rick said he just had an old guitar he was playing. He said he wanted to take him shopping for a new one. He said he talked about doing an album with Cheap Trick. Howard said that would have been great. Howard said he thinks that the combination of their voices would have been cool. Robin said he wishes he was there. He said he likes it when they ask him to do stuff like that.

Howard said that it was such a horrible loss when John was killed. He said it makes him sick when he hears about Mark David Chapman.

Rick said they were going to produce an album for Ringo too. Howard said it would have been so great if John had collaborated with Cheap Trick. Rick said they can play in a studio even though they're not studio musicians. Howard said that kind of thing doesn't happen so much these days. Howard said bands don't help each other out like they used to. Robin said they used to all party together and now all they have is the induction. Howard said it's just one big party.

Howard said when John Lennon asks you to be on an album you just do it. Howard asked if he went out and bought the album. Rick said it wasn't for another 10 years. He said that they took them off because it was too heavy. Rick said he understands that. Howard said he doesn't.

Howard asked if there's anything special about The Dream Police. Rick said that everyone asks him how to do the middle part. He said even when they play with a big band they don't know how to do it. Rick had the guys do that part of the song with him to demonstrate it to Howard. Howard said no one knows how to do it. He said it's very complex.

Howard asked the guys do ''Dream Police.'' Rick said it wasn't on their list but they'll do it anyway. They went into the song a short time later.

After the song Howard said he should have been up there with them. Howard said he's not sure what he would have done. Howard said Rick started throwing things at him while he was playing. Howard said they gave him the cover of the Live from Budokan album with picks stuck in it. They said they didn't like the cover. They hated it. Howard said Peter Frampton was in there and talked about having that big hit with the live album. Rick said they toured with him last year. Howard said they are great live too. Howard said it's amazing that bands can't perform live like that. Howard said there are so many that can't. Rick said he needs Autotune for his face. Rick said they have a show today and another tomorrow and Robin lost his voice. He said he still came in to do Howard this morning though.

Howard asked if things are super busy now that they're getting into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Robin said people are coming up and asking for autographs now. He said he's known them for 25 years now and they're just asking now.

Howard asked what's going to happen at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction. Howard asked if the Bun E. thing will be cordial. Rick said sure, why not. Howard asked what happened between them. Robin said he doesn't know. He said Bun is full of Rick Nielsen about what he says happened. He said there were many reasons. He said he'd call it ''musical differences.'' Rick said it wasn't an all of a sudden thing either. He said it built up. Howard asked it will be awkward for them up on stage. Robin said everyone will have a speech and it won't be that awkward. Howard asked what will happen if Bun E. starts going off on them. Robin said he'll have a microphone too. Rick said it'll be fine. He said they're nervous being there with Howard. Robin said Bun has already said his bit in Rolling Stone. Howard asked if he's going to be a gentleman. Robin said he doesn't care if he brings it up. Howard said he hopes it's peaceful.

Howard asked if they each speak individually. Rick said they get 3 minutes each. Howard asked if they have something in mind that they'll say. Tom Petersson said he has something and he keeps changing his mind about it. He said he may ask Sarah Silverman to write something for him. Howard said Tom left the band for a little while too. Howard asked what he was thinking. Tom said he doesn't know. He said he has a bit of what he wants to say ready to go.

Howard asked Robin what he's going to say. Robin said he'll just say what comes to mind. Howard said he'll have regrets if the does that. Robin said he'll have to write something down then.

Howard asked Rick what he's going to say. Rick said he can't say what he has to say in a minute and a half after playing guitar for 50 years. Rick said he has some song ideas. He said he's going to say it wasn't easy and it.

Howard said the guys have a new album out called ''Bang, Zoom, Crazy...Hello''.

Howard asked Rick if he spends Thanksgiving with Dave Clark from the Dave Clark 5. Rick said that is true. Howard asked if he's got a lot of money. The guys said he is one of the richest guys in the business. Rick said he is a friend of a friend. He said he's friends with Elton John and Sting too. Rick said he brings cans of creamed corn over there because they don't have that over there. He said it's a big deal. He said Dave told him that he's voted for him 5 times. He said he's a fan.

Howard said he used to golf with Scott Weiland too. Rick said he stood on the golf cart while the rest of them were playing. Howard said it's a shame about Scott. Howard asked if they were ever into drugs like that. Rick said he never shot up. He said that kind of thing never appealed to him. He said Dave Grohl told him that if he had stared to do that he'd be in a bus station somewhere sucking dick.

Howard said he wants to congratulate them on their new album. He played their new song ''Heart On the Line'' from the album. Howard said it has to be tough to do an album these days. Howard played their cover of ''The In Crowd'' too. Howard said that's good too. He told them that other song was rockin' too.

Howard said he's happy for the guys and he's happy about the new album. Howard gave them some plugs for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame which airs on HBO on April 30th. Howard said it'll be simulcast on SiriusXM too. Howard thanked the guys for coming in. They went to break after that.

Howard Talks To Karen Nielsen For A Few. 04/06/16. 10:20am
After the break Howard came right back and said that was exciting. Howard said he loves those guys. Robin said she does too. She said she loves when people come in and play live.

Howard said Rick's wife and Daxx's mother came in during the break. Howard said he thinks she said they've been married for 48 years or something. Howard said they met in high school and after 8 weeks of knowing each other Rick proposed. Howard said it was just 8 weeks. Howard said she wasn't of legal age so Rick had to go to her father and ask. Howard said the father made them wait and they got married after 6 months. Howard said the wife said she was there before the beginning of the band. He said it's a great story. He said she looks terrific. Howard said he can see why Rick wanted her. Robin said she can see what the lyrics ''I want you to want me'' mean now.

Howard said Rick hates their song ''The Flame'' but it's their only number 1 song. Howard said he could talk to those guys all day. He said next time he's dragging his wife in there. Howard had Gary bring her in to ask her one question. Howard said he wants to know if she was the hottest girl in school. Karen said she wasn't. She said Rick was out of her league. Howard asked if she thought it was a little early to ask her to marry him. Karen said she felt the same way about him so it didn't feel weird. She said he was 20 when she met him. She said that he was in college. Howard asked how old she was. Karen said she was 17. Howard said Rick went to her dad and asked to marry her and the dad must have been like ''LOOK, I'M SWEARING! you.'' Karen said it wasn't quite that way but they did put it off for a while.

Howard said she must have been hot to be dating a college guy. Karen said she doesn't know. Howard asked when her dad stared liking Rick. Karen said they did like him. She said her dad came to diners. Howard asked if Rick hated ''The Flame.'' Karen said she's not going to speak about that. Howard said Rick will. Karen said it's a great song. Howard said he loves it. He said it became number 1. Howard said it's unreal.

Karen said they've been married for 46 years. Howard let Karen go a short time later. Howard told her to be prepared to talk about his penis next time.

Howard said her dad wasn't happy about that marriage. Howard said that's the kind of love story he wants for Robin. Robin said that won't happen. She said she was a young girl and that's the kind of love you can have at that age.
04-06-2016, 11:39 AM,
RE: Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
Doing Dream Police now.
Robin is basically talking the song.
Hope his voice recovers by Friday.
It is really shot - it happens and they discussed that it was shot, but he really wanted to do Stern still.

The band sounded great and Daxx killed Dream Police!
04-06-2016, 12:30 PM,
RE: Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
Good recap. Thanks for posting.
04-06-2016, 12:54 PM,
RE: Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
(04-06-2016, 12:30 PM)SycTrick Wrote: Good recap. Thanks for posting.

The large majority of the post was from a Stern recap site to be fair Wink

But glad to share.

They were pretty open this time. Particularly with Bun E talk.
Last time most of the interview was boring.
Too bad RZ had no voice
04-06-2016, 01:08 PM,
RE: Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
Pic from this morning
04-06-2016, 01:10 PM,
RE: Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
From Stern's site -
04-06-2016, 02:29 PM,
RE: Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
Magnificent thread thanks Dave.  Tongue
04-06-2016, 02:32 PM,
RE: Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
(04-06-2016, 02:29 PM)Darran Wrote: Magnificent thread thanks Dave.  Tongue


If you want to hear the whole interview (with Karen too) and hear the HoF on Friday ...

You get a free month
04-06-2016, 02:42 PM,
RE: Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
(04-06-2016, 02:32 PM)DaveGT Wrote:
(04-06-2016, 02:29 PM)Darran Wrote: Magnificent thread thanks Dave.  Tongue


If you want to hear the whole interview (with Karen too) and hear the HoF on Friday ...

You get a free month

Top man.   Tongue
04-06-2016, 03:40 PM,
RE: Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
a little clunky to read but thanks!


Rick Nielsen
04-06-2016, 03:52 PM,
RE: Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
(04-06-2016, 03:40 PM)pachyderm I Wrote: a little clunky to read but thanks!

Complain to
I am sure he would love to hear from you
04-06-2016, 07:07 PM,
RE: Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
Thought it was a great interview. Robin sounded like he was channeling Dylan during If You Want My Love. Hope his voice gets better by tomorrow morning.
04-06-2016, 07:41 PM,
RE: Cheap Trick on Stern this morning
(04-06-2016, 07:07 PM)viking Wrote: Thought it was a great interview. Robin sounded like he was channeling Dylan during If You Want My Love. Hope his voice gets better by tomorrow morning.

Yeah, such a shame for a high profile interview.
Attempting a song like If You Want My Love with no voice was insane.
They have so many others and Stern would respect that.

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