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Sirius XM Underground Garage: new "Coolest Song in the World this Week"
06-12-2017, 09:56 AM,
Sirius XM Underground Garage: new "Coolest Song in the World this Week"
Listening this morning to Michael des Barres, the so-British, so-sincerely cool morning rocker-actor-philosophizer-DJ. 

Today Little Steven has named "You Got it Goin' On" their Coolest Song in the World this Week. 

I share the view that this track's lyrics are a dud, but the sonics crackle and thud nicely, and the Underground Garage m.o. is that they will tout and play the song all week. 

Would you rather they a) name this song Coolest of the Week, b) name another song off WAA the Coolest, c) play any CT song in the place of YGIGO?

Des Barres also just announced that Rick will be the guest on an upcoming interview show with Kid Leo. 

p.s. Dating back to when it was just XM, the web presence of this outfit has been stuck in 1998, give or take, so there aren't any links, tweets, or apps i can point you to for this show. But I recommend you subscribe and enjoy this station, which is proudly pro-cheap trick. 

p.p.s. God bless him, though, "your humble servant" des Barres called the former drummer "Bun. E. Carlson." Understandable and not entirely inaccurate, but...

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