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Pledge music
06-25-2017, 05:31 PM,
RE: Pledge music
I'm so sick and tired of waiting for this disc!! Paid for it,shipping, and nothing!! By the time I get it cheap trick will another CD out. Pledge music miss my a**. NEVER again.
06-25-2017, 07:16 PM,
RE: Pledge music
(06-25-2017, 03:45 PM)radiolover Wrote: Please          just stop. Must some of you argue about everything?

It is true, USPS does suck, and I have lived here my whole life. No normal business could ever run so inefficiently and stay open, but when being backed up by our seemingly unending tax dollars it keeps going, slower every year.

Pledge music on the other hand REALLY SUCKS! I don't care what is in the fine print. There is absolutely no excuse for my cd to be almost two weeks late. No excuse. I got BZCH from Amazon and it came on the day of release like it should have, regardless of digital files. I will not be ordering through Pledge music again.

If I were a band member and found out how long it took, I would refuse to do business with them in the future, but that is just me. If bands and labels go elsewhere, they will either fix their issues or die in the marketplace.

If you have read through the posts you will understand that the band takes care of the shipping themselves. 
So if a band member finds out how long it took for you to receive your cd then they need to be pissed off at whomever they put in charge of it. 
Much like they need to be pissed off at whomever is in charge of shipping fan club packages to new members.
I have a list of at least five people that have paid in full over a year ago, sent emails that have gone ignored, and are still waiting.
Is that Pledge's fault too. The band needs to put people in charge of these things that can get the job done.
They shouldn't have to worry about this kind of thing but it obviously needs to be brought to someone's attention because at the moment things are in a sorry state.
06-26-2017, 05:07 AM,
RE: Pledge music
Yay my Pledge bundle has just arrived,very nice it is too.  
Thank you Cheap Trick.   Tongue
06-26-2017, 10:59 AM,
RE: Pledge music
Were just being guys, its what people do. I certainly hope we do not need safe spaces on this board. The good news is my disc arrived a day early. Arrived at my local post office and was in my box less then 2 hrs later. Now thats a fine example of sucking! What does suck is my girlfriend on a Friday Night, Ha. What remains to be seen is if our gracious neighbors to my north, did their postal service live up to the task? By the way does anyone know what Bun has been up to. I bet he had something to do with the postal delay. You know gettin even for Rick given his job to Daxx. Theirs no way it could be the people in charge used media mail the cheapest method available, without using horse and carriage. Cool Idea
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