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set list - Camden NJ - 7/13/17
07-13-2017, 11:23 PM,
set list - Camden NJ - 7/13/17
Hello There
Big Eyes
Long Time Coming
Ain't That a Shame
You Got It Going On
Magical Mystery Tour
Waitin' on the Man
The Flame
I Want You to Want Me
Dream Police
Never Had A Lot to Lose
07-14-2017, 07:09 PM,
RE: set list - Camden NJ - 7/13/17
Come on guys, you're playing big arenas, do songs suited for big arenas and give folks the awestruck experience.

Hello + Goodnight in same short set...waste how about Just Got Back or Stop This Game for an opener?

Big Eyes-Come On, Come On would be better!

Lookout-catchy feel good song. Glad it's here.

Long Time Coming-good deal, represent the new album. Thank you!

Aint That A Shame-cover, but made it their own, a hit, goes over well in arenas.

You Got It Going On-another great from new album.  Thank you again!

Magical Mystery Tour-one of the beatles more whimsical, goofy, drug induced efforts probably 1% of the audience would care to hear!  Oh but it's the beatles and they can do no wrong-BS, the song sucks.  Remove and insert "Southern Girls" with it's big arena beat and warm rock spirit that goes over better.
Waiting on the man- Another cover (3 so far).  Likely 1% of the audience is thinking, oh, they're playing that song with the great melody and lyrics, rest are thinking "what's this crap?"  How about insert "Let Go" and let's give everyone an unsung chestnut that would go over well.

The Flame-one of the best.  Geeky fans will say they hate it.  Too bad, it's a great song, lyrics, guitar work and was a #1, people want to hear it. 

I Want You to Want Me-song that never gets old and everyone wants to hear it.

Dream Police-Excellent, majority want to hear it.

Lot to Lose- Not bombastic for the big rock show experience.  How about She's Tight...remember easily the 3rd to 4th most recognized song that every time they don't play it there are many comments from the "casual fans" know the ones that make up more than 70% of the audience, are pissed they didn't play it! 

Surrender-good stuff

Goodnight--Again either play this one and not "Hello" or play "Hello" and end with Auf or just Surrender.

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